BiBo's Happy Page o links Hi everybody! BiBo here. I was looking through my bookmark list (which is disturbingly large) when I realized I would be doing the world a horrible wrong to not reveal some of these links. So without further adieu, here they are.

Note: if you see DEAD before the link, that means it used to be a cool link, but someone has deprived the world of it and the page is no more. Sorry, I didn't do it.

Distefano Productions Ever sit there wondering, "Where can I get my hands on a corpse?" Well wonder no more! You can order corpses straight from here. Even if you aren't looking now, do yourself a favor and check anyway. The pictures are amazing (I got the baby pic from there).

The Evil Overlord Page Planning on conquering the world? Before you do that, check here to make sure you make no mistakes.

Furniture Porn You know you want it. Hot pics of chairs going at it! Go here so satisfy your furniture porn needs!

The Official NORAD Tracks Santa Claus Web Site I have no idea where I got this link from. It just appeared on my list, but hey, anything that involves tracking Santa can't be bad.

DEAD The Microshaft Corporation Hate microsoft? So do they.

Guide to Lockpicking Pesky doors in the way? Not anymore!

The Ultimate UFOLOGISTS WWW Page UFO's are out there man! They're coming to get us man! But don't panic, the anal probes only pinch for a second, then they feel good. Go here to learn all you ever wanted to know about UFOs.

DEAD The Inferno So, you want to worship a demon, but you have no idea where to start looking for one right? Well, here you can find out all you ever wanted to know about any demon you could ever want to think about. Lots of info, kudos to the creator. All that research must have been a pain in the butt.

DEAD Zeek the Geek This is where you can get Zeek the Geek. A puzzle game for windows. Just looking at the site makes me happy, the game makes me even happier. Surgeon General Warning: this game is horribly addicting.

The site may be dead, but when I get the time I'll upload a copy of the game so you can enjoy it regardless.

The Amazing World of Brad Byers This guy is SO much cooler than I am. It's guys like this that make me have to fight the urge to shove a nail in my head. Kudos to him.

The Phobia List This is a huge list of phobias. Some are so amazing you have to read them at least 10 times before they sink in.

Urban Legends This site is pretty cool, it has all kinds of urban legends and some interesting info. Check it out now before I hurt you.

Hampster Dance Thanks go to Lorie for bringing to my attention the fact that I forgot to add this site. I don't know what I was thinking. It is mecca, it is the answer to the universe and everything, and no it's not 42.

The Onion Do you want yer news served hot and spicy with a little scrambling on the side? Well you are a very odd person then. If you jest wanna read some humorous news stories go here (though don't blame me if your current affairs teacher thinks you are an idiot).

Unwritten Legends This company is currently testing a mud that I play called Realms of Exile. Since the people playing it at the moment are all game testers, most of them role play pretty well. So it's fun even if you don't like to bash things in a rpg. (Feel free to say hi to the dancing halfling in a barrel known only as BiBo Nose)

They Might Be Giants This is the coolest band in the world and I am flabbergasted that I've left their website of my links page for so long. Their website is amazing fun andyou can listen to lots of their songs there. Go now, eat drink and be merry!

Oscar Mayer Okay have you ever had a dream? Was that dream to drive the weiner mobile? Well here's your chance to do it!

Penny Arcade These guys review games and such and write a really cool comic that I can really relate to at some times. If you think games are going down the toilet lately, read here and be happy.

Polymer City ChronicleLike games? Like big chested women? Like laughing? Like porn? If you said yes to the first three then this comic is for you. I suggest you start from the beginning archives though as this comic sometimes has a plot. Not usually though. That doesn't make it any less funny of course.

Shaw Island Okay, imagine if you will an island with population 150 on a good day. Now imagine a political struggle between hamsters and crabs. Finally throw in two lonely single guys that live together in a trailer. That my friends is this comic. Read it from the beginning or die a horribly painful death.

Acts of Gord is a website created by some gamestore owner in Canada. Here he talks about all the stupid customers that come to his shop. Very amusing. Read now!

The Dragonslayers is the AD&D group I belong to. We play once a week every week for about 10 years now. Yeay us. There's not much to see there now, but I'm sure we'll get something up there soonger or later.

8-bit Theater Remember the original Final Fantasy? You know, the one for the origional nintendo? remember thinking up crummy 4 letter names and traveling around the world because you are the light warriors? Well this comic takes all the sprites from that classic and turns it into a nifty parody of the rpg world. Enjoy!

Sluggy Freelance is one of the ultimate in geek comics. They make fun of just about every fantasy and sci-fi genre while keeping an amazing storyline every day for the last 4 or 5 years. Okay so he has stick person week every so often when he needs a break, but still it's an awesome comic.

You Damn Kid is a great comic that looks at naivete of youth through the 20/20 vision of age. Very funny comic.

Dungeons and Dorks is a comic with crappy art that makes fun of Dungeons and Dragons. It isn't the greatest comic, but it's still amusing.

Angst Technology Well what can I say about this comic? It has IT ninjas, a webmonkey and enough tech humor to shake a very large stick at. It's about a gaming company with an exceptionally stupid boss. They make games, they play games. Need I say more?

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