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Pack 164

Boy Scouts of America

Sembach AFB Germany

Hello cubbers, leaders and parents. Willkommen to our new web site. Hopefully, this will be an area where all of us can congregate, share ideas and experiences and keep in touch with what is going on in our pack, dens and Germany in general. This is my first web page, so please feel free to send me comments, suggestions or items to add. Below are those individuals who keep things rolling. Thanks, Shelley.

Cub Scout Cogs




Cub Master: Bruce Reeves
Assitant Cub Master: Preston Eskridge
Committee Chairman: Shawn Miller
Advancements: Denise Reeves
Treasurer: Shelley Meyer
Tiger Coordinator:  Michelle Johnson
Den 1 Wolves:    

Russ Rexroat

Scott Fox
Den 2 Wolves:    

Lori & Travis Knutson

Stephanie Dunn dunnclan@topsurf
Den 9 Bears:    

Daniel Meyer

Becky Paintiff
Den 4 Webelos I:    

Ray Gagne

Barriet Smith
Den 5 Webelos I:    

Misty Vallejos

Carol Hendrix  
Den 3 Webelos II:    

Antje Miller

Heather Ecklund



Here are some places that will be helpful and informative to visit. Some of them are just plain fun.


 This site is where all of are events are put into calenders. You must be invited, so please send an e-mail and we will get you on the list.
My Family  This site is really a great way to keep in touch with all of your family and friends back in the states. My Family allows you to create multiple sites, and they give you lots of megabytes
Cartogra  For those of you who have the ability to put all of your favorite pictures online, here is the place to do it.


BSA Sites

  Offical, Unoffical & Homegrown
BSA Offical site, to the best of my knowledge
Forms Copies of all those forms you can never find
The MacScouter The Ultimate Resource Page. I will be using this area to upgrade this site
BSA Sites Links to several BSA Sites, compiled by Troop 24
The Rocking Chair Another site compiled by Troop 24, It contains all of that other information you need to be a good leader and/or parent. It has links to sites for just about everything you could come across in the Scouting World.
Webelos A place for new and seasoned Webelos, Webelo parents and their leaders.
Global ScoutNet International Scouting Site.
ScoutNet Deutchland A site from our hosts, alot of the pages are in German


Web Rings

  I have not fully explored these yet

Kid Sites

Ace Kids  
Safe Surf