Welcome to My MKT Photo Gallery

These are photographs I took of Missouri Kansas Texas sites in Boonville and Franklin MO in April of 2000.

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Trackside view of 1912 Katy stataion at Boonville, MO. Opposite side view of Boonville station. Trackside view of Franklin station.
Katy bridge over the Missouri River between Boonville and Franklin. The center span raised to admit river traffic and lowered to admit trains! Close-up view of Missouri River bridge. All that remains of the Katy roundhouse in Franklin, MO.
Close-up view of the turntable at Franklin. KATY caboose 127 at New Franklin, MO. An excellent restoration of the KATY red scheme. KATY caboose 134 at Boonville MO in low light. An excellent restoration of the green scheme.

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