Song of Solomon 7)

1 How beautiful are your feet with sandals, O noble maiden! your rounded thighs are like jewels, the work of the hands of steadiness. (I.e. work not hastily done. See Prov. 8:30.)
2 Your navel is like a round goblet, which wants not spiced wine: your body is like a heap of wheat set about with lilies.
3 Your two breasts are like two young fawns that are twins.
4 Your neck is as a tower of ivory; Your eyes like the fish-pools in Heshbon, by the populous gate: your nose is as the tower of Lebanon which looks toward Damascus.
5 Your head upon you is like the [mount] Carmel, and the hair of your head like purple; the king is captivated by ringlets.
6 How fair and how charming are you, O love (love in the abstract. It is not the person addressed here. See 2:7), among delight-some things!
7 This your stature is like to a palm tree, and your breasts to clusters of grapes.
8 I said, "I will go up to the palm tree, I will take hold of the boughs thereof:" now also your breasts shall be as clusters of the vine, and the smell of your nose like apples;
9 And the palate (put for speech) like the best wine for my beloved, that goes down sweetly, causing slumbering lips to speak.

10 I belong to my beloved (The Shulamite speaks, and thus gently but firmly refuses the king's advances referring to her beloved shepherd), and his desire is toward me.
11 Come, my beloved (thus she apostrophises her beloved [shepherd]), let us go forth into the field; let us lodge in the villages.
12 Let us get up early to the vineyards; let us see if the vine flourish, whether the tender grape appear, and the pomegranates bud forth: there will I give you my endearments.
13 The mandrakes diffuse their fragrance, and at our gateways are all manner of pleasant fruits, new and old, which I have reserved for you, O my beloved.

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