W  A  1-3. Yahaveh. Supply. "Pastures and waters". Spoken of. "HE".
    B  4. Danger. "Death". "Rod and staff". Spoken to. "YOU".
    B  5. Danger. "Enemies". "Table and Cup". Spoken to. "YOU".
   A  6. Yahaveh. Supply. "Goodness and Mercy'. Spoken of. "HIS".

(A Psalm concerning David.)

Psalm 23)

1 The LORD (Yahaveh) is my shepherd; (One of the Yahaveh titles. "Yahaveh-Ro'i")
I shall not want. (Because "Yahaveh will provide", Yahaveh-Jireh)
2 He causes me (implying continuance) to lie down in green pastures: (We need making so as to feed, and not trample the pastures down.)
He causes me to rest (Heb. nāhal, to lead flocks) beside the still waters. (Heb. "waters of rest", Yehovah-Shālōm.)
3 He brings back (as in Ps. 19:8, Yahaveh-Ropheka) my soul:
He leads (Heb. nahah, to guide, conduct) me in the righteous paths (Yahaveh-Zidkēnŭ) for His own sake. (See 20:1.)

4 Moreover, though I walk through (not into; but "through", and out of it, into resurrection life) the Valley of the shadow of death, (May include [but not necessarily] death's dark valley.)
I will fear no evil: for You are with me; (Yahaveh-Shammah)
Your club and Your crook (the only 2 things carried by the shepherd: the former for defense, the later for help. The club for the sheep's enemies, the crook for the sheep's defense. A lesson for pastors today) they gently lead me. (See v.2.)

5 You set in order a table (put for what is on it. So that I may feast while He fights. Yahaveh-Nissi. The figure of the sheep is continued: for the "table" of v.5 answers to the "pastures" of v.2) before me in the presence of my adversaries:
You anoint (Yahaveh-Mekaddīshkem. Still referring to the sheep and the Shepherd's care: for the figure of the "sheep" is carried right through the Psalm) my head with oil; my cup (i.e. the Shepherd's cup of water for the sheep) runs over. (See 73:10.)

6 Surely goodness and loving-kindness (or grace) shall follow after (or closely, Heb. present put for future) me all the days of my life:
And I will dwell in the house of the LORD evermore.

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