Proverbs 13)

1 A wise son hears his father's correction (or discipline):
But a scorner hears not rebuke.
2 A man shall get his food by the fruit of his mouth:
But the soul of the traitors (or faithless ones) shall eat violence.
3 He that keeps his mouth keeps his soul:
But he that opens wide his lips shall have destruction.
4 The soul of the sluggard desires, and has nothing:
But the soul of diligent ones shall be made fat.
5 A righteous man hates lying: (Illustrations: Joseph [Gen. 46:31-34]; Samuel [1 Sam. 3:18]; Micaiah [1 Kings 22:13,14. Prov. 14:5]; Elihu [Job 32:22]; Hezekiah [Ps. 119:29,163]; David [Ps. 101:7]; Agur [Prov. 30:8]; Jeremiah [Jer. 26:1-15]; John Baptist [Matt. 14:4].)
But a lawless one man is loathsome, and comes to shame. (Illustrations: Jehoram [2 Chron. 21:18,19]; Gehazi [2 Kings 5:27. Prov. 20:17]; Jezebel [2 Kings 9:35]; Manasseh [2 Kings 21:7-13. Prov. 17:15]; Herod [Acts 12:21-23].)
6 Righteousness keeps him that is upright in the way:
But lawlessness subverts the sin offering.
7 There is that makes himself rich (i.e. pretends to be rich), yet has nothing:
There is that makes himself needy, yet has great riches.
8 The covering of a man's life are his riches:
But the needy hears not rebuke. (I.e. needy [become he that] heeded not rebuke)
9 The light of righteous ones rejoices:
But the lamp of lawless ones shall be put out.
10 Only by pride only comes contention: (Illustrations: Korah [Num. 16]; men of Ephraim [Judg. 12:1-6] Rehoboam [1 Kings 12]; the Apostles [Luke 22;24].)
But with the well advised (or modest) is wisdom.
11 Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished:
But he that gathers by the hand (put for labor effected by it) shall increase.
12 Hope protrackted enfeebles the heart: (Illustrations: Abraham [Gen. 15:2,3]; David [Ps. 42:1-3]; the 2 disciples [Luke 24:17,21].)
But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life. (Gen. 2:9.)
13 Whoso despises the word shall be destroyed: (Illustrations: the world [Gen. 6. 1 Pet. 3:20. 2 Pet. 2:6]; Israel [Deut. 28:15-68]; the lord [2 Kings 7:2,17-20]; Joash [2 Chron. 24:17-25]; Amaziah [2 Chron. 25:16-27. Prov. 15:32]; the priests and others [2 Chron. 26:16]; Jehoikin [Jer. 26:20-24]; tribe of Judah [Jer. 44;17,27].)
But he that reveres the commandment shall be rewarded. (Illustrations: Pharaoh's servants [Ex. 9:20,25]; Amaziah [2 Chron. 25:6-11]; Ebed-melech [Jer. 39:15-18]. Contrast Josiah [2 Chron. 34;27,30] with Jehoiakim his son [Jer. 36:23-30; 22;18,19].)
14 The law of a wise one is a fountain of life,
To depart from the snares of death.
15 Good understanding gives favor: (Illustrations: Abraham [Gen. 23:10,11]; Joseph [Gen. 39;2]; Joshua [Josh. 6:27]; David [1 Sam. 18:14]; Abigail [1 Sam. 25:3,18-34]; Daniel [Dan. 1:8,9; 6:3]; Samuel [1 Sam. 2:26. Prov. 22:1].)
But the way of transgressors is rough.
16 Every prudent man deals with knowledge:
But a fool (fat, and then dense, or stupid, which comes of it, showing itself in impiety) lays open his folly. (lax or careless habit of mind and body. Illustrations: Balaam [Num. 22:29,30]; Ahasuerus [Est. 10-15]; Herod [Matt. 14:7. Mark 6:23].)
17 A lawless messenger falls into mischief (as defined of folly above):
But a faithful ambassador is healing.
18 Poverty and shame shall be to him that refuses instruction:
But he that regards reproof shall be honored.
19 The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul:
But it is abomination to fools (see v.16) to depart from evil.
20 He that walk with wise men shall be wise: (Illustrations: Uzziah 2 Chron. 26:5]; Joash [2 Chron. 24;2]; Ruth [1:16]; Elisha [2 Kings 2:9]; Andrew [John 1:40,41]; Nathanael [John 1:45-51].)
But a companion of fools shall be broken. (or, he that feeds [or entertains] fools shall be bankrupt.)
21 Evil pursues sinners:
But to the righteous good shall be repayed.
22 A good man leaves an inheritance (not necessarily wealth; but a good name,&c.) to his son's children: (Illustrations: Jacob [Gen. 48:15,16,20]; Caleb [Num. 14:24. Josh. 14:14].)
And the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.
23 Much food is in the tillage of the poor: (I.e. with Yehovah's blessing.)
But there is that is destroyed for want of judgment.
24 He that withholds his rod hates his son: (Illustrations: Eli [1 Sam. 3:13; 4:11] David [2 Sam. 13:39; 14:25. 1 Kings 1:6].)
But he that loves him carefully seeks (or seeks early) correction (or discipline) for him.
25 The righteous eats to the satisfying of his soul:
But the belly of lawless ones shall want.

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