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Hard Graphics - Tom Yim's Hawaii Collection
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Welcome to the world of Tom's beautiful panoramic photographs of Hawaii. Through the use of a sophisticated multiple-imaging process, Tom is able to create high-quality, digital masterpieces. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, these photos can now be yours at a click of your mouse! Take a look... You're gonna love 'em!

Photo Process
The process that Tom uses to do his work is extrordinary. Each picture is not one photo, but many photo's ranging from a few to as many as forty eight. After the photo's are taken he combines them on the computer to make one beautiful picture. By doing it this way he can provide you with the clearest most beautiful pictures. That is what really caught my eye when seeing Tom and his work for the first time. Most pictures I have seen in galleries are blown up beyond there capabilities and look very grainy. Is that the quality you want? I wouldn't think so. Here is your opportunity to own crystal clear panoramic photo's and NOT pay those gallery prices. All pictures can be framed for an additional cost. All pictures come autographed and do not have the "Hard Graphics" copywrite mark on them. We can provide you with a variety of different framing including solid Koa wood framing. Koa is very rare Hawaiian wood and is very beautiful. You may email me to receive more information on framing.
More Pictures Inside!

We have more pictures inside so please make sure to check out the photo page. You will love them.

For questions and orders send me an e-mail
We offer a variety of high quality hand crafted frames which are crafted at the time of order so each person receives a personalized one of a kind frame of their own. A variety of wood is available like Hawaiian Koa, Oak, Maple along with others specified on the framing page. These are crafted by a framing professional in Honolulu and come ready to hang.