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Aquarium Installation &
Maintenance Services

Lawrence (Skip) 202-744-7536

"Skip's Now Accepts Credit Cards, Call Today for a Good Deal"

Skip's is a professional aquarium maintenance company
specializing in custom design and installation.

I service residential and commercial clients in the Washington Metropolitan area. 

I can install... 
any shape or size aquarium you may like and will maintain and clean aquarium also. 

My service...

I am a knowledgeable professional with over 20 years experience in the aquarium installation and maintenance field.

Skip's normally...
services aquariums on evenings and weekends, and is also available for emergencies on evenings and weekends including installation and maintenance listed below.

(Aquarium Installation)

Aquarium/Water Filter
Protein Skimmers/Gravel
Fish (Salt/Fresh)

(Aquarium Maintenance)

Test Nitrate & Nitrite Levels
Test Ph Balance/Test Ammonia Levels
Gravel Cleaning/Cleaning Aquarium Equipment
Replace Parts When Needed

Starting A Empire:
(The PyroTriMac vs. the Flowerhorn)

Bring Magnificent Colorful Fish to your Home or Organization
Call Lawrence at (202) 744-7536
(Licensed Aquatic Technician)

Skip's Aquarium Maintenance
Live Aquariums -- Click on Tropical Fish
An Ocean of Fun!

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