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Inflation, bad enough it’s blowing my concentration

to continue my fight for education

so i can maintain a decent occupation

not a drug operation.


so me and my homey

joined the army, the service

make dollars, “be all that you can be”

do some traveling, see the world for free what suckers were we.


a year and a half has passed

of being yelled at, cussed at and getting gassed.


they  got me by the collar.

is this what  i signed up for

to make dollars?

and to make matter worse

they sent me to the desert

my homey  went  back in a hearst.




stop the naked aggression

but the killing machine

as always it seems, has its collection of

jokers, misfits, has-beens and such.

but to the man it doesn’t matter  too  much.

getting caught  like a fish on a hook.


ya been took!!


A militant brother with a mind

the one of a kind the class,  the mass of brass

does find to be dangerous

in today’s society  they put  us in “combats”

kill us all for free.

now if i shot a man today,

guaranteed life in the can.

take me a away!!


so where does it justify a man

with a gun and a salary

becoming  the part of a shooting gallery?

common sense you achieved can be lost

not to mention your life,

at your own cost.

just like in chess ,

they grabbed your last rook.


ya been took!!


So now the battle is done

but the war goes on.

keep up the fight before you’re gone.

and what  about all the casualties,

you think the man will give a damn 

about you and me?

you’re a fool if you think so.

remember the last show? just say no!!


yeah,  you know we ruffled some feathers then,

and now we’re back again

with a new word my friend.

don’t be taken or your faith will be shaken

and whatever  you hold true

will be fake and phony

just like the lie that they told me

“the life in the army is the one and only”


guess i had stupid on my face

and the “judas goat” got me.

but that ain’t the case today.

the wool is off my eyes

and now i realize they was nothing but lies.


in the rear the copped an attitude

but then they had to cool it.

‘cause there were some crazy brothers out there

who had a bullet or two.

the brass knew it so the they put on a mask,

and took up the task to pat me on the back.

but who asked you to substitute

for my friend killed in wartime?

his chance for life  is gone,

but i’m getting mine.


and as the anger explodes out my head

beside his graveside just to see him dead.

you were never there to witness his life end.

you give his family money they can’t even spend.

the grief, the pain and the suffering,


your dirty money can’t even  begin to the loving

for the feelings of his girl, the feelings of his kid

you aint  even aware of the pain that you did

and while his girl is pulling her hair

you’re worried about your quota  and

getting another sucker out there.


but this one will be a little smarter,

use his wits to play a little harder to get.

but when the goat gets the contract keep in mind,

he don’t care about you just his behind.

but when you raise your right hand,



give him a look, the finger, and then book.


before you get took.


Text:              Stephen B. Maskall


Music:           Just Say NO Posse