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Weird Wonder

Real Name:

Wyn Livesley

Any other names?:

Weird wonder/ Anal theory




Powys, Wales


Student... and bone idle

Favourite Albums:

Enema of the state, Take off your pants and jacket and the annual 2003

Favourite Films:

LOTR 1 and 2

Favourite Books:

Band of brothers

Favourite Games:

Goldeneye, Conker's bad fur day and pokemon

Favourite Food and Drink:

Soy sauce ( for both) oh and cheese

Favourite TV Show:

Midsummer murders

Favourite Place:

my head

Sunrise or Sunset:


Desert Island Companions:

Shigeru miyamato, me mates and my clone

Stuff you like to do:

Eat, listen to music, play games... and sport



Favourite quote:

Monkey see, monkey do or down in the jungle is where the pixies live

Anything Else?:

Yes... well, I'm extremley weird and if I don't eat cheese before bed I get nightmares... nuff said :D