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Real Name: Antony F.
Any other names?: Mop 'ed
D.O.B.: 30/03/90
Location: Grimsby
Profession: Paint Dryer
Favourite Albums: Nirvana : Nirvana, The White Stripes : 3l3phant
Favourite Films: none
Favourite Books: The hobbit, The depford mice books
Favourite Games: MGS, THPS2, Age of empires II
Favourite Food and Drink: Pork, Pepsi
Favourite TV Show: 24 (when it's on)
Favourite Place: The alps
Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset
Desert Island Companions: My brother
Stuff you like to do: Skate, play games, drum
Website: no
Favourite quote: "I never touched you Johnson"
Anything Else?: I'm really really weally smart.