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Real Name:

Paul Williams

Any other names?:

Willy or "He's ere noooooooooooow!




Billinge Nr St Helens and Wigan


College Patron Of doom!

Favourite Albums:

Erm any movie soundtrack to a movie that I like, ie Swordfish!

Favourite Films:

Rush Hour series and Total Recall!

Favourite Books:

James Bond

Favourite Games:

Morrowind GTA Series and All star baseball series

Favourite Food and Drink:

Dr Pepper and root beer if I can get it

Favourite TV Show:

Star Trek, The Simpsons and 24

Favourite Place: naturally

Sunrise or Sunset:

sunset cos thats when I come alive

Desert Island Companions:

xbox and a power supply and a endless amount of food and drink and the whole of sr's released games

Stuff you like to do:

hang out playing games


Soon to be made

Favourite quote:

Go on put your back into it!

Anything Else?:

Erm no not really!