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Real Name:

Andrew Sibley

Any other names?:





Shanklin, Isle Of Wight


Punk rocker extrodinaire

Favourite Albums:

Refused - 'The Shape Of Punk To Come', Anti-Flag 'Underground Network', Minor Threat - 'Complete Discography', Operation Ivy - (self titled), Bad Religion - Most of their albums rule, Capdown - 'Civil Disobediants' & 'Pound For The Sound', too many more to name

Favourite Films:

Dunno. Not much of a film person to be honest. The Lord of the Rings ones were pretty good though

Favourite Books:

'Before & After' and 'Terror Firma'

Favourite Games:

Many RPGs... Soleil, Story of Thor, Zelda (in various incarnaions), Baldurs Gate, Earthbound. Non-RPG faves include Jet Force Gemini, Perfect Dark & Goldeneye, F-Zero, Half-Life

Favourite Food and Drink:

Drink - cold fruit juice. Dunno about food...

Favourite TV Show:

TV nowadays sucks. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and Ghostbusters blatantly ruled.

Favourite Place:


Sunrise or Sunset:

The reverse vampires come out at sunrise...

Desert Island Companions:

But I don't want to go to a desert island...

Stuff you like to do:

Listen to music, see bands live, play video games, talk

Website: and

Favourite quote:

"Disobediance is mans original virtue. It is through disobediance that progress has been made." -Oscar Wilde

Anything Else?:

The picture of me was taken on Monday 6th January to document my overgrown hair before it got chopped off to go back to school the next day