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El Robin

Real Name: Robin Higgins
Any other names?: L B ,   El R,   EL
D.O.B.: 20th November 1987
Location: Lowestoft
Profession: Watching TV, playing on the Xbox, using the pc
Favourite Albums: none, I like all kinds of different music
Favourite Films: Bah that's too hard, um, na can't answer, there is too many
Favourite Books: Can't stand reading
Favourite Games: Hant got a favourite, I just like loads, mainly racing and driving games.
Favourite Food and Drink: Chinese, Kebab, Coke, Dr Pepper
Favourite TV Show: Friends is ok, again I like too many to pick. Probably Gamezville though. 
Favourite Place: Sitting at my computer, or being back in Florida.
Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset, that's when I come out.
Desert Island Companions: A guy who can build and fly a plane.
Stuff you like to do: Build computers, fix computers, mod computers, play on computers, play Xbox.
Website: .. I have to many little ones.
Favourite quote: Why have friends? they can only hurt you.
Anything Else?: L B just call me El R