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1/2 Pint


Real Name:

Jonathan Mace

Any other names?:

The usual


12th October 1986




Freelance Journalist

Favourite Albums:

Tenacious D by Tenacious D, Smash Mouth - Smash Mouth, Karma - Kamelot, S&M - Metallica

Favourite Films:

Matrix, Green Mile, Piranha (:-D)

Favourite Books:

'Wizards First Rule' - Terry Goodkind

Favourite Games:

Ape Escape, Wind Waker, Metroid Fusion, Battlefield 1942, Gitaroo Man

Favourite Food and Drink:

Cadbury's Caramilk, L&P (both only available in New Zealand)

Favourite TV Show:

Tenacious D, Futurama, Red Dwarf

Favourite Place:

In a hammock in my garden on a sunny day while I'm having a barbeque with friends.  Yes.

Sunrise or Sunset:

Yes. Very nice, they are

Desert Island Companions:

Jack Black would be cool.  Actually, Nic Taylor.

Stuff you like to do:

'videogames', 10 pin bowling (greatest score - 267), chill ya knows


Not really

Favourite quote:

"You got any flied lice?"
"It's fried rice, you plick!"

Anything Else?:

Just look at my MSN profile (, or my current picture.  Could you say no to a guy wearing that shirt?