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Real Name:

Paul Byron

Any other names?:

Man of Lead




Sunny Seaside town of Exmouth


Office bod in Finance company

Favourite Albums:

Dark Side of the Moon, August And Everything After, Ten, Lost Horizons

Favourite Films:

Muppet Movie, Wrath of Kahn, Ghostbusters and many others

Favourite Books:

Anything by Pratchett, King or Bill Bryson

Favourite Games:

Settlers II, Halo, Unreal Tournament

Favourite Food and Drink:

Pasta, rice and Rabbit, along with some nice San Miguel or Stella to wash it down

Favourite TV Show:

Currently, Futurama

Favourite Place:

Exmouth Sea Front, or La Manga in Spain

Sunrise or Sunset:

Sunset, I'm better at evenings!

Desert Island Companions:

My wife. Failing that an Internet connection. (does that count?)

Stuff you like to do:

Eat, drink and be merry. Also a bit of kicking and punching in Taekwondo


Favourite quote:

Imagination is Everything

Anything Else?:

I'd join Swordspines if Grix would pay me enough ;-)