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Real Name:

James D Newton (technically I'm a lord. dont ask.)

Any other names?:

B.P.M, Boss, Pacman, Chickensh*t , Fat-ar*e, and Wee-man


4th 'o' May, 1989


On the rings 'o' Saturn.


Lightning fast trampoline thief (in other words, unemployed)

Favourite Albums:

Gorrilaz, the-one-with-the-jeep-on-the-cover-which-I- can't-remember-the-name-of

Favourite Films:

Blade, The parole officer, and little Nicky

Favourite Books:

The book of utterly ridiculous stupid lists (virgin books)

Favourite Games:

Spiderman, PSX, and Gamecube, and WCW mayhem

Favourite Food and Drink:

Real lemonade and regular hula-hoops

Favourite TV Show:

Family guy, Futureama, Bo-selecta, and Jackass

Favourite Place:

In the park near where I used to live

Sunrise or Sunset:


Desert Island Companions:

My old mates Abrar, Michael Y + Michael T, and failing that, Georgina Govier, or Natasha Brooks

Stuff you like to do:

kill time on sites such as, Flirting, and hanging with me old mates.


Favourite quote:

'proper bo', 'aren't you clever' or, my fav of fav's, 'ZEBRA B@STARD!

Anything Else?:

I am a bit of a load mouth,and where I used to live, I had gained the (undeserved) reputation of being an excellent fighter, since I weigh nine stone but am as fast as any 7-stoner I know. (which is good, seeing as I'm yellow)