Real Name: Rogers
Any other names?: Rodgers, RR (don't ask what that stands for)
D.O.B.: June 1988
Location: Rugby, Warwickshire
Profession: Student (dammit)
Favourite Albums: InMe- Overgrown Eden, and all the stuff by Idlewild, The Hives, Rancid, The White Stripes, Red Hot Chilis and the rest.
Favourite Films: Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Reservoir Dogs, Scarface, Snatch, Desperado, The Killer, The Usual Suspects and...Chicken Run.
Favourite Books: Does Total Film count?
Favourite Games: Vice City, Fallout 2.
Favourite Food and Drink: KFC, Indian Takeaway, Fish & Chips
Favourite TV Show: Only Fools And Horses
Favourite Place: Salma Hayek's shower...well it would be.
Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset, because sunrise means you have to get out of bed.
Desert Island Companions: Salma Hayek, Famke Janssen, Halle Berry, and in an attempt not to be sexist, Bill Paxton as a punch bag.
Stuff you like to do: Playing pool and kickin' yo amateur asses. Also: Cinema, music, films, games (to a lesser extent), football, tennis, drinking, alcohol.............
Website: I've had a couple in the past....nah, they haven't been updated for years.
Favourite quote: "On a scale of one to ten I'd say this is spanking"
"You gotta be f****** kiddin'"- The Thing
Anything Else?: Right, so this guy walks into a bar, right, and he walks up to the bar tender and he says, "I bet you $300 that I can p!55 in that glass over the other side of the room, from here, and not spill a single drop.  And so the bar tender says yeah, sure.  Right, so the bloke gets his dick out and he's gettin' ready and he's thinkin 'right, aim, dick-glass-dick-glass-dick-glass', and he lets it fly.  And he's p155in' all over the place! He's p155in' on the tables, the walls, the bar, the phone and on the bar tender.  In fact, the only place he isn't p155in is the glass.  Of course, the bar tender's laughin' his f*****' ass off, cuz he's just made himself a nice $300, and he's like "you idiot! You just lost $300!".  And this guy's like "right, hang on", and he goes out the back to where some hard-asses are playin' pool.  He speaks to them and then returns with a smile on his face, and the bar tender's like "what you so happy about?".  The guy replies, "I just bet those guys out there $500 a piece that I could p155 on your tables, p155 on your walls, p155 on your bar and p155 on you, and not only would you not care, but you'd be happy!" 

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