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Real Name: GUNTHAR!!!
Any other names?: Fleeeeeeeeboooooo
D.O.B.: The day before the day after I was born, i beleive.
Location: Santaland
Profession: Cow Licking
Favourite Albums: S-Club Versus Steps Showdown Tonite!
Favourite Films: When Barney The Dinosaur Met Hannibil Lecter
Favourite Books: The Alphabet Book
Favourite Games: Nympho Pinball - Search For A Hole (Thanks FFF)
Favourite Food and Drink: Chicken Chow Mein mixed with egg fried rice and curry sauce (gives quite a bad smell afterwards mind you), Vodka And Cherryade.
Favourite TV Show: The Tweenies
Favourite Place: Not here, that's for sure
Sunrise or Sunset: What exactly is this supposed to be? It's always Sunrise, and always sunset, somewhere.
Desert Island Companions: Frogger
Stuff you like to do: Sleep
Website: On the web, somewhere
Favourite quote: 'I love you, you love me, I'm gonna kill you with ma Uzi"
Anything Else?: Selkirk