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Real Name:

David Whitcher

Any other names?:

Egg (this is my real nickname)




Thatcham, Berkshire



Favourite Albums:

kerrang 4, nickelback, the album

Favourite Films:

blade 1&2, terminator 1&2, and Loaded weapon, American Pie 1&2, the ring, van wilder.

Favourite Books:

what are those?

Favourite Games:

the final fantasy series, zeldas, mario games, the breath of fire series, golden sun. got any more room?

Favourite Food and Drink:

any food (accept salad), and larger

Favourite TV Show:

DBZ, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Futurama, the simpsons

Favourite Place:

my toilet (nothing beats relaxing on my throne)

Sunrise or Sunset:

never seen a sunrise so i like sunset best

Desert Island Companions:

my friend Mark as i will get bored, and i will need some one to eat when I run out of food.

Stuff you like to do:

eat, play games, surf the net


errr no

Favourite quote:

"you have nice legs. what time do they open".

Anything Else?:

i have stole my name of my hero Morbo from futurama. I have always wanted to be like him and want to take over the world. after may years I have had plastic surgery to make my self look like him. above is what i look like now. also there is a picture of my most favourite game character ever, Sephiroth it all of his glory.