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Real Name:


Any other names?:

Andi, MoJoJoJo (online), G, Dr G, G Man, Your Highness, God






Unemployed scrounger (aka student)

Favourite Albums:

Favourite Films:

Evil Dead 1+2, Armageddon, True Lies, Terminator 1+2, Matrix, Die Hard trilogy, Robocop... the list goes on

Favourite Books:

Hmm... I liked Jurassic Park by Crichton, and the Red Dwarf books are good

Favourite Games:

The classics like Redalert and Total Annihilation

Favourite Food and Drink:

Pasta and tuna (perfect beer food) and the following beers - Bud, Grolsch, Fosters, Carlsberg/Export, Heiny

Favourite TV Show:

Simpsons/Family Guy

Favourite Place:

"The hood" (bottom of my street)

Sunrise or Sunset:

Sunset (more romantic)

Desert Island Companions:

Kelly Brook, Leilani Dowding and Britney Spears, so we can play "guess who's boobs are sticking through the hole" all day... every day... forever

Stuff you like to do:

Watch films, mess around on my computer/listen to music, go out with my mates, work out (in my pink spandex)


I ain't not no nerd, neither!

Favourite quote:

"Thinking leads to overthinking, and overthinking leads to panic" - Me, 2001

Anything Else?:

Hmm... I rule? Yes, that shall do