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Real Name:

Howard Lloyd

Any other names?:

Chips, Micro, Microchips, Chippy, Chippolata







Favourite Albums:

Home from Home and Pennybridge Pioneers by Millencolin, Highly eveolved by The vines, and One by One by the Foo Fighters (when it's released)

Favourite Films:

Rush Hour 2, Red Dragon, Enemy at the Gates, Road Trip

Favourite Books:

Fast Food Nation

Favourite Games:

Zelda: A link to the past, Super Mario Sunshine and Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Favourite Food and Drink:

Microchips- Fairly obviously! ;) Nah, ummm, Chicken Tikka Masala and Strawberry Milkshake (NOT at the same time!)

Favourite TV Show:

Jackass, Futurama, Family Guy

Favourite Place:

Ummmm..... My room

Sunrise or Sunset:

Sunrise- it makes me lay in longer! ;)

Desert Island Companions:

Micropizza! ;) Nah, um, Some fit woman, along the lines of Kelly Brook, Holly Valance etc. :D

Stuff you like to do:

Gaming, Surfing (the net Version), Football, watching Ice Hockey

Website: - When I finish building it, and when I finally get around to buying the domain! :D

Favourite quote:

'I'm not an Alchy, Alchy's go to meetings, I just drink lots!" and "Made drom REAL Potatoes!"

Anything Else?:

I seem to be a funny chappy, and hopefully I am, I just worry too much about my personality at school. Oh, and feel free to laugh at my real name! :D