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Gangsta Hamsta

Real Name:

Luke Burnett

Any other names?:

Erm, proabably, but not that I know of ;-)


5th December 1981





Favourite Albums:

U2 - Joshua Tree, Led Zeppelin IV, Oasis - Definately Maybe etc

Favourite Films:

Shawshank Redemption, Star wars IV-VI, Dumb and Dumber ;-)

Favourite Books:

Like anything by Andy McNab. Occassionally John Grisham too

Favourite Games:

Deus Ex, Mario Kart (SNES), Jedi Knight 2

Favourite Food and Drink:

Curry and a pint of Boddingtons

Favourite TV Show:

Alan Partridge, The office, 2DTV, Red Dwarf

Favourite Place:

At home, in bed. Or doing a gig somewhere. Either is cool!

Sunrise or Sunset:

Sunset because I am usually asleep at sunrise

Desert Island Companions:

A boat. Probably be bored rigid with the week so a boat to escape would rock.

Stuff you like to do:

Play guitar, write music, watch movies/TV, play footy, muck around with computers


Favourite quote:

"Fear can hold you prisoner, hope will set you free"

Anything Else?:

Can I have some food please, I'm flipping starving?