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Real Name: Scott Giles
Any other names?: Cheesy, Ess, Giles, :)
D.O.B.: 07/06/1988
Location: Nottingham
Profession: Nope
Favourite Albums: Hmm, don't really have any, I just download music mostly
Favourite Films: Matrix Reloaded, LOTR others that I can't think of right now
Favourite Books: Probably LOTR, first one
Favourite Games: Pro Evolution series, GTA, Smackdown...
Favourite Food and Drink: Fanta Fruit burst at the moment, food, hmm, I dunno :)
Favourite TV Show: 'They Think its all over', 'Bo Selecta', 'Simpsons' Others
Favourite Place: Home
Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset
Desert Island Companions: Hmm, someone good at surviving these kind of conditions, Lady friends, family, friends
Stuff you like to do: Hang out with friends, play Games, Have fun!
Website: Nope
Favourite quote: Hmm, one I can think of right now 'I have an authentic Sean Connery photo signed by Roger Moore' - Comic Book Guy (Simpsons) Don't know why I like it, just his voice I think does it.