Fiery Salamander

Real Name: Andrew Williamson
Any other names?: Fiery Salamander (only on SR)
D.O.B.: 19/04/1980
Location: Midlands

Professional kidult

Favourite Albums:

Evanescence (fallen) and Nickelback (silver side up)

Favourite Films:

Gladiator, Lord of the rings, Alien 3

Favourite Books:

Whatís a book? :OD

Favourite Games:

FF10, Devil may cry, Deus ex, Morrowind, UT

Favourite Food and Drink:


Favourite TV Show:

Robot wars, Simpsons, Beast wars, Time commander

Favourite Place: In front of my computer or PS2
Sunrise or Sunset:

Sunset (I like to howl at the moon) :OP

Desert Island Companions:

John Prescott just in case I have to resort to cannibalism

Stuff you like to do:

Frag bots with a rocket launcher

Favourite quote:

If Iím an expert at nothing dose that mean Iím an expert?

Anything Else?:

Iím bored now



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