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Real Name:

Robert Mackie

Any other names?:



22nd August 1988


Home (Other words Milton Keynes)


Student :D

Favourite Albums:

By the Way: Red hot Chilli Peppers, Linkin Park Hyrid Theroy

Favourite Films:

Argh! Anything! I seen so many!!

Favourite Books:

Lord of the Rings

Favourite Games:

Phantasy Star Online and Starcraft along with Quake 3 and Super Smash Brothers Melee and other great GC titles

Favourite Food and Drink:

Bugers. My real name says it all from the fast food place :)

Favourite TV Show:

band of brothers, 24, Many More

Favourite Place:

Out on that Football Pitch!!

Sunrise or Sunset:

Sunrise :D

Desert Island Companions:

A football. (Seriously, That castaway film inprised me!)

Stuff you like to do:

Chat, Football, Sleep (Somehow) and just mainly have a great life!



Favourite quote:

Pins. Get WS more Pins before he faints!!

Anything Else?: