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Real Name:

Joe Medina

Any other names?:

Drunk Cow, Idiot, Amy.....don't ask




Miami, Florida/United States


Posing as a roof fan while I'm dosed in saliva

Favourite Albums:

Rob Zombies-Living Dead Girl Rob Zombies-Super Beast Kitty-Brackish The Hackers's a dance song for a movie. Fat boy slim-The funk show Brother

Favourite Films:

The Count of Mante Crismo,, the first two Austin Powers, Scary Movies and Scary Movies2, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Favourite Books:

The Dark Portal series

Favourite Games:

Pikimin, Yoshis Island for the SNES, The two Zeldas for the N64, and the tw Super Smash Bros

Favourite Food and Drink:

Cheese!!!! And Strawberry Dacaries!!!!! And Cheese!!!

Favourite TV Show:

Real World and Road Rules

Favourite Place:

under my bed and behind my ears

Sunrise or Sunset:

I like the sun at the afternoon....I stare at it for hours

Desert Island Companions:

A Bunny Wabbit name Shimio, and a big rubber ducky that floats over the sea!

Stuff you like to do:

Running, playing games, eating cheese, smeeling cheese, seeing how much cheese I could fit into a small space



Favourite quote:

My Phychiratrist said it was YOUR fault!!!!

Anything Else?:

NEVER eat something that is twice as smelly as your mum after her daily workout