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Real Name:

Dan Buckley

Any other names?:

Buckers, Darkness, Dannus Buckas


16th January 1987





Favourite Albums:

Recovering The Satellites, August and Everything After

Favourite Films:

Star Wars Trilogy, and like anyone with sense, The MAtrix and Fellowship of the Rings

Favourite Books:

Tineline, by Michael Crichton and Lord of The Rings, and the Hobbit, by the one and only JRR Tolkein

Favourite Games:

Grand Theft Auto 3, SSX Tricky, Perfect Dark, Rogue Leader, Tactical Ops

Favourite Food and Drink:

Curry, the hotter the better, and the fabled Lager :D

Favourite TV Show:

Simpsons, Red Dwarf, Stargate SG1, Andromeda, the X-Files.

Favourite Place:

Cyberland ;)

Sunrise or Sunset:

Ah, the romantic sunrise, or the setting of the sun... Bah, to hell with them both :D

Desert Island Companions:

Curry, Lager and a good book

Stuff you like to do:

Play Tennis, Read, Computer Aided Design, Surf the Net, play games, and those other, more private things ;)

Website: and

Favourite quote:

"I rule. You all Love Me. You shall Bow Down to me. I dominate the world" Quoted from: 'Me, The God' By Dan Buckley

Anything Else?:

I think my favourite quote summed that up.. :D I'm not egotistical...honest guys!