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Real Name:

Michael Allard

Any other names?:

Mishi, for some reason




Muswell Hill, North London



Favourite Albums:

Oasis - Morning Glory, Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication, Stereophonics - Performance and Cocktails. Other than that, I'm mainly into songs on their own, so I just download a lot of music.

Favourite Films:

Ooooo so many

Favourite Books:

See above

Favourite Games:

Mario All-stars (SNES), Zelda: OOT (N64)

Favourite Food and Drink:

Houmous and Baguette, with Dr. Pepper, all from my local Deli.

Favourite TV Show:

The Office, Coupling, The Simpsons, Futurama

Favourite Place:

My bedroom. Fantastic place

Sunrise or Sunset:

Sunset. But sunrises are good too

Desert Island Companions:

Ooo, can't say here

Stuff you like to do:

Play pool (badly), drum on my kit (badly), and watch films for no real reason



Favourite quote:

There are too many good ones. "Do you, like, look at yourself in the mirror all the time?"

Anything Else?:

Probably, but it's lunch