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Real Name:


Any other names?:

None in particular


May 13th 1982


Scotland - near Glasgow


Computer Science Student at University

Favourite Albums:

Everything by Counting Crows, Matchbox 20, Semisonic, Ryan Adams, Ben Folds. In fact I like mostly any kind of music with the exception of Country, Opera and smashy punky crap 

Favourite Films:

Star wars, The Rock, Rocky films, American Pie, Fast and the Furious, Matrix, Kingpin, Goonies, labyrinth, X2, Dumb and Dumber and many many more

Favourite Books:

George Best - Blessed:The Autobiography. Curious Georege Takes a job

Favourite Games:

GTA3, Bionic Commando, Resident Evil series, Mafia, Pro Evolution Soccer 2, GTA:Vice City Smackdown:Shut your mouth, Zelda - the wind waker, Rocky, CM4

Favourite Food and Drink:

Pizza and beer, Irn Bru and spag bol

Favourite TV Show:

Not got a fav. Watch a lot of football, any decent films. Simpsons, Jackass just about anything decent will do.

Favourite Place:

Loads of good places but no favourite. Somewhere quiet. Quite like Washington D.C and the banks of Loch Lommond

Sunrise or Sunset:

Sunrise - Usually see it when I am drunk and heading home

Desert Island Companions:

Friends and family and a barmaid

Stuff you like to do:

Sports, Drink, go out with friends and make people happy


Did most of this one.

Favourite quotes:

I'm really not complaining I realize it's just a job and I hate hearing bellyaching rockstars whine and sob 'cause I could be bussin' tables I could well be pumping gas yeah, but I get paid much finer for playing piano and kissing ass - Ben Folds

"Do, or do not. There is no 'try'." - Yoda ('The Empire Strikes Back')

Anything Else?:

I Made This