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Real Name:

Alex James

Any other names?:

Sexy Beast






Full time kid

Favourite Albums:

Wigan Pier 33 + 34, Scooter

Favourite Films:

Truman Show, Fast and Furious

Favourite Books:

Like i read books

Favourite Games:

GTA:VC, Freekstyle

Favourite Food and Drink:

Large Pizza with a coke (no Ice)

Favourite TV Show:

Eastenders, coronation street and Friends

Favourite Place:

In my bed or in my girlfriend's bed

Sunrise or Sunset:

Sunset - that's when the fun begins

Desert Island Companions:

My Girlfriend Vicki, My mates and a few honeys

Stuff you like to do:

Go on the Net, Watch EVERTON FC, see my girlfriend


Favourite quote:

Smoke an a Pancake.

Anything Else?:

Email me at, support EVERTON FC, my bird is fit tar