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Albert The Large

It has come to our attention that sadly Albert passed away. In a mark of respect we will leave this page to allow people to remember him. Thoughts go out to his family.

1945 - 2003

Real Name:

Albert Sullivan

Any other names?:



8th August 1945


Hornchertch London


Bouncer (retired)

Favourite Albums:


Favourite Films:

Snatch, Lord of the rings and Matrix

Favourite Books:

Read Anything

Favourite Games:

The Sims, Tekken4, DW3 and Devil May Cry

Favourite Food and Drink:

Anything edable

Favourite TV Show:

Home Improvment

Favourite Place:


Sunrise or Sunset:


Desert Island Companions:

A life times supply of beer cigars and food.

Stuff you like to do:

Me and my mates at a pub, on our 5th pint with a pipe each and a good meal.


no way!

Favourite quote:

To be truley happy you need to be fat.

Anything Else?:

a scotch in a pint glass pleas mate.