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Welcome to Australian Papuan Community

>>Latest finding... Form 975i... check with Australian High Comm,POM or the for details....>>>>Signatures are now invited from all Papuans willing to support the BIRTHRIGHT PETITION which will be presented to the Australian Government by mid-October 2004. Contact the Committee members for far 5,000 signatories obtained since Thur 23/09....>>>Jonathan Baure's next Awareness campaign will be held in Daru, Western Province...>>>T-Shirts on sale for K30.00 with Papuan flag printed on them. Contact Fundraising Committee for details...>>> Papuan flag on sale now...all proceeds go towards Fundraising Committee.

The Australian Papuan Community was established under the Papua Act No. 9 of 1905, Nationality and Citizenship Act No. 83 of 1948, and the Migration Act No. 62 of 1958.

Aims and Objectives of APC:
  1. To promote and make the people born in the Australian Teritory of Papua before 16/09/75 aware that they required Australian Citizenship by birth.
  2. To educate people and explain to them the three (3) Acts/Laws which are The Papua Act No.09 of 1905, Australian Nationality & Citizenship Act No.83 of 1948 and the Migration Act No. 62 of 1958.
  3. To make people aware of their Birth Right so that they can choose for themselves now.
  4. To make people aware of the benefits, rights and privileges of being an Australian Citizen.
  5. To be a Non-Government, Non-Profit, Civil Right Movement for Papuans.
  6. To continue the awareness throughout the Papuan region on this Australian Citizenship Birthright.
  7. To unite the Papuan population and promote the Papuan identity.
  8. To support the ongoing Federal court case in Sydney Australia, by Jonathan Baure on the Papuans Australian birth right citizenship.
  9. To use all money raised or donated to these Aims and Objectives of the Australian Papuan Community listed above.

The Papuan Citizenship issue has been brought before the Australian Federal Court in Sydney, Australia. This issue has also been published in the media organizations such as ABC Radio, ,The Wire [save audio here], Radio New Zealand International [read more], Post Courier, The National among others.

We appeal every Papuan in PNG or abroad to support Jonathan Baure (see left picture with NRL player, Daniel Wagon and kids) and his campaign team in anyway possible to conduct educational awareness around the southern half of PNG, that includes Western, Gulf, Central, National Capital District, Milne Bay, Oro and Southern Highlands Provinces - where 80% of our rural population lack such information.

We are also appealing to every Papuans to support this worthy cause in order to effect the Australian Federal Government's review of the 55-year-old Nationality and Citizenship Act thereby accommodating Papuans' rights.

In this website, you will find important features about Australian Papuan Community, Nationality and Citizenship Act, and the impact of our cause towards the Australian Federal Government and many more.

Any queries about this web site, please contact Webmaster.

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