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Black Beauty and Talent!

Below you will see photos of lovely, talented Ladies of Harlem and The Golden Era of Black Entertainment! Most of these beauties weren't stars but popular in their field and had time in the spotlight.

Whatever happen to classic, distinct, versatile black beauty within and out? Whatever happen to when ladies were ladies who had talent without being sexual and taking their clothes off and had sex appeal with their clothes on? They sure had faces than and their own style of beauty. No one resembled one another. Beauty from dark to light... no wonder the 1930's to the 1950's will never be forgotten... They surely had faces than.

Breathtakingly Beautiful actress Pat Rau a.k.a Pat Rainey. What A Beauty!

Beautiful singer and dancer Lavaida Carter, sister of famous Valaida Snow. Lavada was as talented as her more famous sister. Recordings of her music is available. Actress and singer Isabel Washington, sister of legendary Fredi Washington. Pretty dancer Anise Boyer, voted most prettiest Cotton Club chorine

Chicago and Harlem dancer beautiful Muriel Zollinger considered the best dancer in the profession in the 1930's. Pretty, dainty popular Chicago dancer Anna Smith. Gorgeous, sexy, popular in the mid 1930's dancer of East and West Aurelia Le Joie.

Ruth Scott, popular stage and nightclub dancer, wife of Harry Mills of the legendary Mills Brothers. One of the most popular dancers in the 1930's pretty Louise Cook. Featured in Oscar Micheaux's The Exile. Was married to Herbert Mills of the Legendary Mills Brothers. Famous European dancer pretty Carroll Chilton who's dancing moved the King of Europe so much that she and her partner Thomas was the first Blacks to give a command performance.

Attractive Gertrude Koen won Miss Bronze America in 1935, the first Black beauty queen. Popular dancer cute Winnie Johnson found fame at the Cotton Club. Shapely, sexy New York dancer pretty Marie McHugh.

The incomparable magnificent dancer, actress, and activist Fredi Washington. Pretty Lena Horne. Popular, spunky blues singer very attractive Victoria Spivey.

Two early black beauties. Dora Dean in the late 19th century and early 20th century was a popular dancer, popularizing the cakewalk. Her voluptuous figure was a thing of beauty before Mae West. The first black artist to have class and elegance. Her dancing along with her husband wowed all over the U.S. and Europe. They were known as King and Queen of Colored Aristocracy. The cutest girl in the world Florence Mills. Florence Mills was the first black superstar, she opened the doors for all you see on this website. She never recorded, never filmed but stories of her mind blowing songs and dances kept her name alive from people who seen her perform who passed it down.

Beautiful Joyce Bryant in the 1950's was a popular nightclub singer. She was coined the "Black Marilyn Monroe. There was more truth to that then not. Joyce was known for her dark beauty, blonde hair, spunk, vivaciousness, sex appeal and talent." She's also credited as the first dark toned woman to beautify and glamourize the so-called homely dark girls. Gorgeous, spontaneous Sara Lou Harris in the late 1940's and 1950's was among the first popular Black model, who opened many doors that was closed to "colored women." Thanks to her is the reason why so many black supermodels after her had success.

Popular night club queen in the 1930's Alma Smith, her pep and glamour made audiences forget Valaida Snow. Pretty dancer Blanche Thompson managed the famous Brownskin Models show.

Pretty Louise Ritchie Robinson was a fabulous stage and screen actress. Appeared in a few Hollywood films, always credited for her splendid work on stage and screen. The great cute Eunice Wilson, rated the tops of all dancers. She wowed all from the U.S. and Europe with her pep, spunky, breath taking exbuerant dances and charming songs.

Sexy, tantalizing Valda, the most popular shake dancer of the 1930's and 1940's. Her balloon dances were sexy but left something to the imagination. Beautiful, glamorous Lady Margot was the female partner of Harold Norton. They were the most popular and one of few Black ballroom/adagio dancers in the 1930's. Norton and Margot were considered the best in their field. Their grace and beauty was a sight to see. Cute Anise Boyer was the female partner of Allen Dixon, they were a versatile dancing team who specialized in acrobatic dancing. They wowed Europe in Lew Leslie's Blackbirds of 1935 revue.

Pretty as ever Maurine Garrette. Sexy, Exotic dancer Sahji Madeline, smooth but thrilling dances made her a top draw in the 1940s. Atrractive, wonderful actress Dorothy Dandridge. The most beautiful, classy, elegant woman of screen Black beauty Dorothy Van Engle.

Bombshell of song and dance, the gorgeous Blanche Calloway. Hot-cha Hazel Diaz kept Harlem nightclubs hot with her bombastic singing and dancing. She was also an actress in Oscar Micheaux's Swing and Birthright, check her out and see why they called her Hot-cha. Sweet, demure singer Katherine Perry, wife of Earl Hines.

Sensational, sexy Pearl Baines of the 1930's was the main attraction of many New York nightclubs. Her imitations of Mae West and her lively dancing and singing kept her a draw.

The many beauties of the the famous Brownskin Models traveling show in the 1930's and 1940's. Their many talents of singing and dancing and beauty kept audiences bidding for them throughout the U.S.

Famous, beautiful Cotton Club dancers and singers. Bottom photo is of The Plantation Club, the rivalry of Harlem's Cotton Club supplied as many beauties and talents.

Most beautiful and greatest of stage and screen of her era the inimitable Nina Mae McKinney. Ethel Moses, called one of the most beautiful woman in the world in the 1930's and popular dancer of Harlem and movie star of Black Cinema. Our first lady of stage and screen gorgeous Evelyn Preer. Another definition of Black beauty Francine Everett, fabulous singer of songs and marvelous actress.

We'll never see natural beauty like this again!