The Great Rift Valley

The landscape changes abruptly beyond the plateau. At Losiolo, forty-five minutes out of Maralal, the land drops abruptly one mile straight down into the stark Rift Valley below where it looks as if a dinosaur might still be walking. The land stretches westwards as far as the eye can see to the white natron encrusted soils of the Sagura Valley, one of the hottest places on Earth, with mountain ranges below shimmering in the heat. Contorted rocks, jagged mountains, twisted gorges and lava streams make this an alien landscape, quite unlike the gentle savannah of television safaris.

World's End

There are no roads, no buildings, no cars, no people, and no water down there. The temperature drops on a cold night to 90F. Standing here on a windy ridge in one direction is something reminiscent of Southern England. In the other direction it is prehistoric and awesome.

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