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lOkO's MegaMod - a Quake2 Bot and Weapons Mod

lOkO Q2 beta 0.14

Monsters In Fragtown

The lOkO bot is a Quake2 deathmatch/CTF bot with it's own whack weapons mega mod; you can turn off the weapons mod and play straight Q2 deathmatch, emulate the lithium mod or completely customize game play.

The bot navigates jump pads, wind tunnels, platforms, teleporters, ladders, secret doors, shootable buttons, uses the off-hand hook and jetpack, plays deathmatch, capture the flag and "feed the mutant" (sorta like head-hunters); bots can respawn across level changes. Playing CTF you can command the bots on your team to defend your flag, attack the enemy flag, patrol an area, travel specific routes, roam the level, etc.

Built in bot route support for over 1500 deathmatch, single player and CTF maps.

Multiple alternate fire modes for all weapons including lightning gun, flamethrower, homing rockets, cluster grenades, freeze supershotgun, pipe bombs, etc.

Additional Techs: Ammo Regen, Vampire, Jet Pack, Lightning Defense, Voodoo.

Deathmatch Monsters: spawn a monster to fight for you or your CTF team or plant respawning monsters on the level you get bonus points for fragging.

Add any item to any map without recompiling the map; play Capture the Flag on any map (with bots), add additional deathmatch spawn points, powerups, health, weapons, ammo, team flags, etc.

OpenGL fog, weapons banning, instagib, starting weapons/ammo/armor, togglable Pro-Rocket, off-hand hook, radar scanner, togglable location damage scoring, active laser sight, ammo hud, third person perspective, airstrikes and much more.

Sorry, MS Windows only ..

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Operating Manual

lOkO Bot Supported Maps


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November 13, 2005

Public beta release of version 0.14.

Bot navigation support for over 1800 maps.

Added server cvars no_hook and no_grapple to ban the off-hand hook and CTF grapple hook
Removed the limit on the number of powerups allowed in inventory
Added the server cvar air_strike_delay
Fixed implementation of the flame_time cvar
Fixed implementation of banning the blaster
Added the bot navigation node type NODE_TRAIN so bots can ride a func_train
Added the bot navigation node types NODE_VISIBLE and NODE_NOT_VISIBLE
Corrected the code controlling how bots deal with nodes of type NODE_DOOR_TOP
Added the server cvars teleport_dislike and train_dislike
Tweaked bot jump pad/wind tunnel navigation
Tweaked bot air strike "aim"
Tweaked bot navigation thru doors when encountering nodes of type NODE_DOOR_OPEN
Improved the bot's ability to jump out of lava and slime
Bots now call the checkshot() function when using the meteor railgun
Monsters now call a checkshot() function so they don't shoot owners or teammates

May 15, 2005

Added some screenshots to the site.

May 11, 2005

Public beta release of version 0.13a.
This fixes a bug in the version 0.13 game dll which caused the game to crash when the number of extra items added to the game exceeded the number of items native to the map.
If you downloaded version 0.13 get the upgrade dll zip version 0.13a in the DOWNLOADS section.

May 6, 2005

Public beta release of version 0.13.

October 12, 2002

Initial public beta release of version 0.12.

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