My New Home

The long awaited views.. ok Ive only been here for 5 days. But I have part of the house in order. Pictures of the Studio to come of course.
There are a lot of people that have helped me get this far. Thanks to all of you.
As you can see I still have a lot of things to do. After I begin painting and get my business back on track, I will be refinishing a lot of my furniture.
What can I say ... I love this house! Nikki Loves this door.

I still have a few paintings to hang in the living room and the sofa needs to be redun.. this too will happen in time.

The illusive Nika didn't want her photo taken. She sort of looks like Big Foot running through the forrest here. And of Course Nikki had to pose for this front window photo.Since becoming a house cat 9 years ago he has discovered that modeling makes a delightful hobby for the uncommon house cat. Arent his eyes an awesome green!

I wanted to add a little color to the living room so I clipped some scraggly blooming quince and a white daffodile surrounded by two multiple middle daffs. These came out of the yard. The Vintage Dashhund planter was one of my pottery finds on ebay last year. The little cherry table was mom and dad's kitchen table when they were first married. I will be refinishing it soon.
The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms. Notice that there is a great place for my 1940's and 50's vintage pottery planters. This one of the utility room looks out over the deck.. I love the deck. The plantings around this house are so awesome! Almost every plant I love is here except a few annuals. Im gonna plant some tomatoes too!
Coming soon: Views of the New Studio