Terms of Sale for LLMartin Artistic Services

Terms and Conditions of Commissioned Art by Artist L.L.Martin
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This is Important Reading For All First Time Buyers of Commissioned Art by Fine Artist Linda L. Martin.
If this page doesnít answer your questions please feel free to contact the artist at: contact@llmartin.com or sales@llmartin.com

Attention Please Read this Important Information: Terms and Conditions of Commissioned Art and Sales of Exhisting Work. Attention Please Read this Important Information: Terms and Conditions of Commissioned Art and Contracted Work Attention Please Read this Important Information:

Payment Method: Clients may use an approved credit or debit card or personal check through Paypal. You do not have to be a member of Paypal to use your credit or debit card. Those Local to Culpeper, Virginia may use cash or check. Most Debit and Credit Cards are welcome at the exhibit Location in Virginia.

Payment Policy: All orders of $100 or less must be prepaid in full in advance. For orders over $100 a deposit of $100 or 1/3 (which ever is the highest amount) Must be deposited and cleared before work can begin. This is a non- refundable fee that covers all materials and overhead for creating your Fine Original Work of Art. Once this fee and the reference photography, is received the Artist will do a layout cartoon of your painting. This will be e-mailed to you for approval. If you approve of the lay out then work will begin on your Fine Original Work of Art.

How the Process works: Once the artist begins laying paint to canvas you are committed to the full payment. When the artist is finished with your painting she will e-mail your digital image of the completed project. At this point if you see something minor that needs to be changed the Artist can make the changes. Some things cannot be changed once the paint is laid down such as color scheme, composition, and /or changing a background from a darker to a lighter color. If you would rather see the painting in person an appointment can be made to meet the artist and view the work before the final stage or in the case of an oil and oil painting before the varnish is applied. Once the varnish is applied no changes can be made to the Original Fine Work of Art.

Note: While the Artistís best work is done when the Painter has complete Artistic License and Creative control, The Artist tries to include the preferences of the client in each step of the Artistic painting process.

Refund Policy: L. L. Martin Artistic services does not give refunds under any circumstances.

The reason for this is due to the increase of scamming using bogus checks and money orders to purchase Fine Original Art and then demand an emergency refund before the checks clear. Before you commit to a commissioned work please look at samples of L.L.Martinís work to see if her style and expertise meets your needs. If you would like to visit her to see more of her work please view it online or visit The Country Shoppes of Culpeper in Clupeper,Virginia where you can see her work in person.

Kill Fee: Should your circumstances or situation change and you change your mind about the painting, the deposit will be used as a kill fee for your commission. The deposit covers prep work and materials for your commissioned work. There is a Three month grace period should you wish to go forward with your order. After the three month period you will have to pay a new deposit and submit photography again.

Other Client Responsibilities:

The Client agrees to abide by the terms of stated here in upon payment of deposit to the Artist for work to begin. It is the client's responsibility to keep up with any changes in these Terms of Sale and to notify the artist with in 48 hours of changes in circumstances that might effect the client's ability to complete the sale.
The Client is responsible for all insurance, shipping and handling charges. Orders over $2000.00 are shipped free in Main Land USA. Orders overseas, or to Hawaii or Alaska are the responsibility of the client.

Shipping: Shipping and handling charges are calculated according to the size of the item being shipped. Most orders will be shipped via USPS, Fed-ex, UPS.
Shipping and handling must be received with the final payment before the order is shipped. Most orders are shipped within 5 business days of the clients final payment being received. Once the order is shipped we will contact you via email with shipping details to let you know its on the way.

Insurance (USA Clients ONLY): All orders $20 and over must be insured before shipping. If a client receives their order damaged they have 24 hours to contact the artist via phone or e-mail. All damaged work must be returned to the artist in the container in which it was shipped before L.L.Martin Artistic Services can file a claim. No money or replacement will be issued without the complete return of the damaged container and work as delivered to the client.
IMPORTANT TO OVERSEAS BUYERs:There is currently no insureance available on items they purchse for oversease shipping. Clients making purchases from international locations agree to take all risk in shipping, postage and handling and insurance. No items maybe returned or exchanged from overseas sales. All sales are final once shipped.

Sales Tax Virginia Residents MUST pay %5 sales tax. Framing and Display: The Client is responsible for all Framing and Display of the Fine Original Work of Art.

Photography Policy: Some Original Fine Works of Art by L.L.Martin may be accomplished using client provided photography. Please do not send one of a kind original photography. Scan the photography or mail copies. No photography used as reference material will be returned and becomes the property of L.L.Martin Artistic Services.

Most Clients who are investing sizable sums in fine oil paintings will want the artist to travel to the location when possible and photograph the subjects. Travel and incidental expenses relating to the Artistic Process are in addition to regular charges and must be paid with the 1/3 deposit before the artist travels to your location. In some cases we recommend using a photographer local to you as a better option.



The copyright of all works of art commissioned by the client belong to the client with the artist retaining a 1% interest in all rights and uses of commercial reproduction for both profit and non-profit use.

The artist also retains the right to use photographic images of the subject and the Finished Work of Art to promote services rendered by L. L. Martin Artistic Services, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by the client and the artist.

L.L. Martin owns the copyright of all works conceived of and executed by her that are non-commissioned or contracted work.
Purchase of a non-commissioned painting by artist Linda L. Martin does not include rights of reproduction in any electronic venue, country or territory as a reproduction, part of a publication or any other commercial or non-profit use unless unless liscensed by the artist. The Artist Does Not Sell the Copyright of any of her work but will liscense work for limited use and time. Please contact the artist at: contact@llmartin.com for information on obtaining liscening approval for use of the artist's work.

All Electronic, North American, South American and World rights to the artistic property of Linda L. Martin belong to Linda L. Martin. _______________________________________

This page was last updated on 8/17/2008

Linda L. Martin and L.L. Martin Artistic Services reserves the right to change and update these Terms, Conditions, and Policies without warning. It is the Clients responsibility to read these policies and keep up with changes. ~The Management.

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