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Help the America's Wild Horses Through the Mustang A Day Personal Challenge

How to Help
The Mustang A Day Project:
Bring Awareness to America’s Wild Horses:

Become a Link Sponsor: Become a Link Sponsor and help spread the word.
Non-profits can become link sponsors and help us spread the word about the project.
Their link and logo would be listed on our page and they can list ours.

Provide Research Materials:
Photographers and herd watch groups can provide documentation,
stories and photographs of the subject horses.
Individual photographers will be credited with the photograph used
and a link will be provided back to their page/website or blog.
We ask that participating photographers also link into us and we will provide a logo for that purpose.

Help us Fund the Project by:
Buying the paintings and reproductions

*Some of the paintings will be offered for sale through Etsy.
*Selected images will also be offered as reproductions and other products through Zazzle.

*Additonal projects and products using the images
may include the publishing of a book and
even the making of videoes that can travel
with the paintings to exhibiting venues.

Commission A Painting
Commission A Painting of your Favorite Mustang to include in the collection
Contact the artist for more information on how to do this.

Become a Sponsor of one aspect of the Project
Individuals and Businesses can Sponsor aspects of the project to help us fund the project.
To Sponsor the Project click here:
Please contact us before you donate if you wish to sponsor
a part of the Challenge to see what aspects are currently in need of
funding.Donations are not tax deductible at this time.

Help us schedule, sponsor and set up exhibits and Events:
As the project moves forward we will be looking for galleries and public venues
to exhibit the work and lecture/ tell stories and anticdotes about the horses
in the paintings. This project is meant to be a bridge between the horses
and the general public. That means that it is imperative that the project be
both online and in the communities. At this writing there are at least 2
galleries in Virginia that are interested in the project and would be
willing to exhibit some of the finished paintings. We expect as time
progresses that we will have more public venues including but not limited to
libraries, galleries, universities, service organizations and schools. If you would like to help in this regard please
email. The first of the paintings will be ready to exhibit by February 2010.

So where is the money going?
The idea of this project is to fund it completely through sales and
sponsorships.Once the project Is completely funded a portion of the
funds will be set aside and donated toward the preservation
and rescue of American Mustangs. Some of the money generated
by the paintings of Mustangs already adopted, but finding
themselves in crisis will benefit those horses. The remainder
of the funds collected will help the continuing efforts
to educate the American public about their Treasured National Heritage,
the Wild American Mustang Horses.

For more information on how you can get started email Email us here

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