Help the America's Wild Horses Through the Mustang A Day Personal Challenge

Over 800 Wild Horses Painted
in the Mustang A Day Challenge!

As of January 1, 2014 Linda L Martin Has painted
over 800 North American Wild Horses. The Mustang A
Day Challenge project began in 2010. She has painted
wild horses all across the continent, including Wild
Horses in Canada, The Untied States and The Bahamas.

The Mustang A Day Personal Challenge
The Mustang A Day Personal Challenge is the brainchild of Linda L Martin.
She has developed the concept of this project in response to the growing
need to make the people in highly populated areas of the country aware of
our Living National Treasures: The American Wild Horses.

The Challenge:
To paint or draw one real living Wild American Spanish Mustang a day 5 days
a week for an entire year. Linda Chooses this personal challenge as a way
to put a name with a face for these Amazing horses. Linda completed her first
year in December of 2011 and continues to paint three or four wild horses a
week and also share the images of wild horses on her blog :

Why Linda Martin Decided to get involved:
Linda has been involved with horses since she was
a child in one way or the other; either reading, writing,
and painting about horses when she wasnít training or
riding them. She brings to this project 43 years experience
as an artist and 21 years experience in writing, publishing
and promoting horse sports to grow larger fan bases,
including her Thoroughbred Racing Fan paper, HorseWatchers
published in the Mid-Atlantic states in the 1990s.

As an artist, writer, and trainer it became necessary
to study all breeds and types of horses. From the wild
island horses on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and
Assateague Island in Virginia and Maryland to Mustang
adoptions from roundups in the west.

Linda became active in petition drives, while at college, with other
advocates in 1974. The purpose of their advocacy work was to recognize
loopholes in the new law and help close them, and help help define
what good management needed to be.

Fortunately in college Linda was also able to get eye witness accounts
from some of her friends in regions of the the country like Idaho
and South Dakota. Unfortunately,like a lot of her associates she
realizes that a lot of the awkwardness of those early years is
still is still haunting the Wild Horse and Burro program in spite
of many progressive changes made and adapted each year.

It wasn't until 1982 that Linda met her first adopted and retrained
American Mustang while volunteering at the Old Dominion 100 Mile
Endurance Ride. This plain brown horse with huge feet and a very chunky
body, its self was not much too look at after 10 years of looking at highly
bred show and sport horses day after day but there was a unique presence
and quality about that horse and a special bond with its adoptive owner
that impressed her.

Educate and Celebrate America's Wild Horses

During the years that Linda published and promoted horseracing,
from 1994-2000, and other horse sports, she learned that there was
a huge disconnect between those people who lived in suburban and
urban areas and those who were fortunate enough to live
in the country or had access to horses in high population areas.
Some highly populated areas of the East coast of the US,
the cost of horse ownership was so prohibitive, that for
several generations the children have never even seen a
horse up close not to mention touched one or sat upon
their backs. And because of the disconnect, horses in general
are mostly just wild fantasies far away and nearly forgotten
of bygone eras. To Lindaís surprise many people still donít even
know the Mustangs are there.

Linda has decided that the best way she can help
close that gap is to use her skill, talent and experience,
both fine art and word, to bring the stories, the faces
and the names of the Wild Horses directly to the people.

In this way Linda hopes to make people aware of the horses
as individuals important to our history. She wants to make it personal.

By awakening the awareness of these wonderful wild creatures
the rest of our countryís population,it is hoped that people will
take an active interest in the preservation and well being
of these our beautiful wild horses.

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