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Sartex 2002

Sartex 2001

Sartex 2000

Team Delta Operatives




Glossary of terms:

SARTEX: Search And Rescue Training EXercises

AED: (Automated External Defibrillator) A device providing a specialized current to shock a fibrillating (chaotically beating) heart back to a normal rhythmic beat.

DCAP-BTLS: A mnemonic used by EMS personnel for assessment in which areas of the body are evaluated for Deformities, Contusions, Abrasions, Punctures/Penetrations, Burns, Tenderness, Lacerations and Swelling.

Dope & Booze: ammo, man, take ammo

Code 4: Lights and Sirens

Code 9: require law-enforcement assistance

CPR: Cardio-pulmonary resucitation, compressions of the chest cavity and artifical respirations.

CQB: Close Quarter Battle, room to room fighting

CSAR: (pronounced sea-sar) Combat Search And Rescue  -more

EMS: (Emergency Medical Services) A multidisciplinary system that represents the combined efforts of numerous professionals and agencies to provide pre-hospital emergency care for the sick and injured.

EMT: Emergency Medical Technician

EMT-A: see above, Advanced

EMT-P: Paramedic

FTX: field training exercises

Glock 17: The 9mm Glock pistol, of Austrian manufacture, has become a market leader in only ten years. Built with a high-impact polymer frame is has only 33 parts and is highly reliable. Press reports that it was x-ray proof and thus a terrorist's dream were nonsense: it has a steel barrel and slide.

GPS: Global Positioning System, orbiting satellites provide signals for hand held units to accurately locate a position +/- 20 ft.

Grundgies: general technical term to describe anything disgusting, i.e. " I had grundgies splattered all over the back of the unit..."

GSG-9: The Grenzschutzgruppe Neun, or Border Protection Group Nine, elite West German counter-terrorism unit.

HAHO: High Altitude High Opening method of insertion in which an operator exits the aircraft at 10,000 meters and immediately opens his parachute. This allows him to glide up to 40 kms under ideal conditions to an LZ, allowing the aircraft to follow commercial aircraft routes or avoid dangerous airspace.

HALO: High Altitude Low Opening form of parachuting in which a specialist exits the aircraft at approximately 10,000 meters, then free falls to approximately 1,000 meters before opening his chute.

Heckler & Koch MP5: One of the most widely used 9mm submachine guns in service. Although the MP5 is more complex and considerably more expensive than most other SMG's, its accuracy means that it is the favored weapon of special forces units around the world.

Heeblies: polite way of describing vomit

Heeblets: Small heeblies

Hemorrhage: Bleeding, can be controlled using direct and indirect pressure, elevation and rest.

Hoo-ah: see here

Hot LZ: landing zone with numerous enemy personnel nearby

IV: Intravenous; method to insert medications, blood transfusions or fluid replacement directly into a vein.

JTF-2: Joint Task Force Two, Newly created and Top Secret Canadian counter-terrorist/hostage rescue team. Snipers from this unit have been reported to be active in Afghanistan and Kosovo. JTF-2 has taken the responsibility of hostage-rescue/barricade situations from the RCMP's Emergency Response Team (ERT) that was disbanded in April 1993.

Little Bird: OH-6 Light Observation Helicopter, military version of the MD500 Defender, outfitted with 2.75 in rocket pods, 7.62mm mini-guns and highly maneuverable.

LOC: Level of Consciousness, used to determine status of patient

LZ: Landing Zone

M998 HMMWV: High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle, also known as the "Hummer", which replaced the M151 Jeep in the U.S. inventory.

M16A2: Standard 5.56mm (.223 caliber) assault rifle, carbine, or shortened version which is the M4 used regularly by Delta operators.

Mini-gun: Multi-barreled machine gun, originally designed by Gatling, that fires 3000-6000 rounds per minute, used for suppression.  -pic

MedEvac: Medical Evacuation of a patient

NVG: Night Vision Goggles, system that amplifies ambient light by 200,000+ times making night look like day.

O2: oxygen

OPFOR:  OPposing FORces

Package: to fully immobilize a patient usually in a spine board.

Pneumothorax: A dangerous condition when air enters the chest cavity causing a lung to collapse, usually the result of penetrating trauma, i.e. bullets, knives etc.

RTB: Return to Base

SAR: search and Rescue

Schmegglies: diseases, mucous, bodily contents/parts, brain matter, partially digested food, open sores, boils, first-aiders, intestines etc.

Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk: Built primarily as an assault helicopter to replace the venerable UH-1 Huey of Vietnam fame, it is an extremely robust chopper that can be configured for a variety of missions. Versions include: air ambulance, electronic-warfare, rescue, command & control, and special forces versions known as MH-60 Pavehawks are in usage with the famous SOAR-160(A).

SOAR-160(A): The 160th. Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) Night Stalkers, unquestionably one of the finest helicopter units in the world, they fly an assortment of aircraft including MH-60 Pavehawks, MH-6 Little Birds, and MH-47 Chinooks.

Spine Board: Fiberglass or wooden, utilized to carry patients with spinal injuries

SWAT: Special Weapons And Tactics

Trauma: an injury induced by an outside force

TRS: (Technical Rescue Situation)  A rescue of a patient(s) that requires special technical skills and equipment in one of numerous areas, i.e. confined space, swift-water, ice, alpine, high-angle/rope, vehicular etc.