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This candle will burn for Kimberly until she is brought back home!
Hood River Co. Sheriff
(541) 386-2711
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An account has been set up at the Columbia River Bank where Kimberly works at to help with the search:
(877) 272-3678

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Kimberly Ann Forbes

If you would like to volunteer to help find Kimberly Ann Forbes please e-mail us at: Volunteer Information For Kimberly

If you have information concerning this case, please contact:
Hood River Co. Sheriff (541) 386-2711, or
Dial 9-1-1, or you may call your nearest police station.


FULL NAME: Kimberly Ann Forbes
NCIC NUMBER: M-714433751
Investigative Case #: S20041245
CASE TYPE: Endangered Missing Adult
DATE MISSING: October 31, 2004
TIME MISSING: Last seen by her adult daughter just before bedtime on October 30, 2004.
ADDRESS LAST SEEN: On Jeanette Road.
CITY/STATE: Hood River, OR
AGE: 48 Years Old
DATE OF BIRTH: October 19, 1956
SEX: Female
RACE: White
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 200 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Brown with some graying.
HAIR LENGTH/TYPE: Short in length.

JEWELRY: Diamond stud earrings.


DENTAL HISTORY: Unavailable.

LAST SEEN WEARING: Nobody saw her leave so what she was wearing is unknown.


OTHER HABITS: Kimberly is described as very reliable and responsible.

EMPLOYMENT: Kimberly is a bank teller at the Columbia River Bank in The Dalles. She did not show up for work on November 1, 2004 as scheduled.

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Location where Kimberly's SUV was found. (Click for photo) Authorities prepare to have it towed away for further testing at the Oregon State Crime lab in southeast Portland, Oregon.

VEHICLE: Kimberly's vehicle was found abandoned with the rear passenger window broken on November 19, 2004 at a restaurant called "Don Pedro’s Mexican Food" located at 18801 SE Stark St. in Portland, Oregon. (See Map) (Read Vehicle Article)

After searching the vehicle the authorities found: Women's clothes, fast food containers in and outside the vehicle. They also found credit card receipts, though credit cards belonging to Kimberly have been inactive since her disappearance.

INFORMATION REGARDING WHERE VEHICLE WAS FOUND: According to MapQuest the distance between Kimberly's home and where her SUV was found is 55.20 miles and the total estimated time driving there is 59 minutes. (Driving Directions)

CIRCUMSTANCES: Forbes was reported missing by her adult daughter who resides on Jeanette Road on Monday morning, November 1, 2004. Kimberly told her daughter on Saturday (October 30, 2004) that she was planning on going to a female friend's house on Wasco Street for breakfast the next morning (October 31, 2004) and would then head to Portland to go shopping. However, Kimberly did NOT show up for the breakfast and did not report to work on Monday morning. She was a very reliable person and in good spirits before she disappeared. There is no trace and no phone calls. No activity on her cell phone, bank account, or on any of the credit cards that she was known to carry in her purse. (Her vehicle was found on November 19, 2004 abandoned in the parking lot of Don Pedro's Mexican Food restaurant at 18801 SE Stark Street in Portland, Oregon. The police said her vehicle could have possibly been stolen more than once.)

In August of 2005 police questioned a suspect for allegedly removing items from Kimberly's abandoned vehicle. (The adult male, however, is not believed to have played a role in her disappearance.) He also denies being the first one to remove items from her car. It appears that Kimberly's car was broken into several times by different people. (Read "Prowler" Article)

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