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JazzLine Member Bios

Rich Tanzilli

Rich's roots come from American pop and blues music from the 50's through 90's. Over the years he has played and sang in several band settings ranging from guitar duets to full rock and roll bands. About 10 years ago, after being bored with pop music limitations, Rich embarked on studying jazz guitar. His singing/playing style tends to fuse traditional jazz with rock and blues.

Joe Spinelli

Joe has been playing music for the last 25 years. In the past he has played in numerous bands and recorded with several local artists. Joe brings together his influences in Dixieland, Acoustic Swing, Big Band and Pop music, to create "Jazz Line's" bottom line.

Eric Stein

Eric began his musical life as a jazz and classical trumpet player in high school and college. He switched to saxophone several years later and hasn't looked back since. He has studied with several players in the Philadelphia, NY and CT areas (including his Dad, Lou, a legendary pianist who played with 'bird). His main influences are the cool school (e.g., Miles), the west coast sound (e.g., Desmond, Art Pepper, Stan Getz), and a little bebop (e.g, Cannonball). His goal is to play in smokey bars and cafes where art and conversation abound.

Don McCown

Don has spent forty-odd years beating on various things and has finally found a socially acceptable outlet for this habit in the form of the drumkit. His influences range from alt-country to zydeco, but he likes to drive his daughter crazy by playing Keith Jarrett early in the morning.

Dennis Hertzog

Though classically trained, Dennis has been experimenting with alternative musical styles for the past 25 years compiling a sizable resume both with teaching and performing. He is equally comfortable playing violin or viola but continues to prefer an acoustic sound rather than that of the electric fiddles. Dennis regularly freelances in venues from Washington DC to New York.

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