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Updated 5/28/2003


More pages by 6/15 J 


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Welcome to our HO Railroad page. I had a train layout that took up a 12x14 foot room. 

When I got married my wife decided she'd like that bedroom back. L  After a 20 year 

layoff my sons asked if we could put the trains back up!! 


Well we don't have a spare bedroom to use, but we were able to setup an 8x7 foot layout. 

In an effort to get as much track down as possible we lost our town and some of the 

industrial buildings. But we have been able to get enough track down to operate 8 trains.

The above was the original layout, we now operate a compact 9 x 9 foot layout with 3

levels. 8 unattended trains and 12 trains overall.


Look at the Train Info Page to see some of the changes and things we will be trying

accomplish. I also, talk about some of the locomotives that are on the layout some are 

25 to 30 years old. J


This site is a Santa Fe site, you will find all the different paint schemes from each of

the 2 mergers, 1983 Southern Pacific [SF][SP] Kodachrome and the last merger with 

Burlington Northern [BNSF].


We will be updating the site periodically, I have reworked the pictures to try and get them

to load as fast as possible, so you don't have to wait forever to see the site. Some of the blow

ups from the thumbnails take a little time to load, L  but most load pretty quick at 28.8. J




Hi All,


Sorry I have been working on the different pages to correct the margin problem on all

the pages. I should be posting some more picture very soon.  J


Finally got a little free time to work on the layout. I have posted a progress page under

the 3rd addition page 11. I'm still working on that area there is still a lot of detail work that

is needed to complete a scene and make it look real.  J


Sorry, but some of you have been having problems with some of the links!! L I have

checked and rechecked the links that were creating problems. If you encounter any

problems PLEASE use the ICEMAN logo below to report them to me and I will fix it

 ASAP!!! I am also doing a new side menu for the layout which will work better than

the overhead one. I am also working on some new banners so I can move the site back to

one host site, instead of being spread out over 4 different sites.


We hope you enjoy the changes and the close up scenes. J        



Visit often and enjoy!!!    More pages by 6/15 J                



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