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Game Of Death
Wesley Snipes Game Of Death

Wesley Snipesí Game Of Death, now on DVD/BluRay is now out. Martial art fans will love this film.The movie is about CIA agents gone bad. Wesley Snipes character is a CIA agent Marcus Jones, that is seeking the revenge of his CIA boss against his former CIA comrades who decide to take the greed path rather than defend their country. Wesley Snipes,is a skill and veteran actor,no matter what the quality of the script whether itís bad or great, Mr. Snipes always does a convincing job for his fans making them believe that chaaracter is real. But there is not that much acting in depth in this film for Mr. Snipes,but the fight scenes where Wesley Snipes uses his martial art skill is worth a look.This film though is not produced by his company Amen(Ah-mon) Ra Productions. The movie is written by Jim Agnew and Megan Brown. Directed by Italian director Giorgio Serafani. Fans of the action genre would love this film because itís definitely action packed. The movie also stars Robert Davi(Die Hard),Gary Daniels(The Expendables) and Zoe Bell( Grindhouse)and Ernie Hudson(Ghost Busters) The fight scenes were also chroegraphed by Simon Rhee(Rush Hour 3,The Last Samurai, 24,Lethal Weapon 4,Collateral,Inception and if you want a complete list,Google him,,lol ) The film overall tone is unique though from other action genres. It almost has that late 60ís and early 70ís look to it but it has the modern techniques that will keep the fans on edge. The action in this movie is very addictive. If you like to see kick ass action and Wesley Snipes execute his martial art skill,then this movie will succeed.

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