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New Love Connection

Chicago, IL


Have You Ever Considered The Internet To Find True Love? Jackie lost her husband in the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. She could not imagine herself loving again. Just being curious, she browsed an online dating site and saw ads that peaked her interest. From that day, her life changed. She met her husband of now three years. Jackie & Jamaal are happily married with two children.

Chicago, IL (BlackNews.com) - Chicago author Thelma Russell offers a new phenomenon about Internet dating and has written an innovative self-help, non-fiction guidebook called The New Love Connection for African American Singles: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Friendship, Love & Marriage on the Net. It features a selection of topics related to the advantages and disadvantages of online dating, which will help you choose that special someone, Russell explains.

1. The New Love Connection for African American Singles serves as a valuable guidebook for anyone that is on the dating scene, and is looking to become involved in a serious relationship-that might lead to marriage. It explains everything you ever wanted to know about using the Net as an alternative to meeting your one-true love -- exempt of a night club, a mismatched chance meeting, or the outdated fix-up by your friends.

African American singles have not embraced this new concept to find their soul mate, as much as our white counterparts have done. With safeguards in place, the online screening process is extensive and safe. It immediately excludes un-dateable and incompatible matches from a large pool of eligible singles.

Some of the chapters that Russell highlights in the Table of Contents are: Loving The Dot Com Man or Woman, The Technology Of Online Dating, Online Sex, Chats & Emails, Love Last Forever, Red Flags; Stop & Green Lights; Go, Writing An Intriguing Ad, African American Dating Sites, and Making Good Choices. These and other chapters will dispel any misconceptions that you may have about online dating and the process involved.

Russell has also launched a new website www.onlinedatingguru.com that will offer additional resources about the exciting new world of Internet dating.

Thelma Russell is a divorced single parent, with two adult daughters and two grandsons. After fifteen years, she graduated college with her Bachelors Degree in Communications. She prides herself on writing about a subject that has not been openly considered by African American singles. She feels that they would be pleasantly surprised at the results. Thelma lives and works in Chicago.

To order the book, go to the publisher's (Authorhouse) online Book Store at: www.authorhouse.com or order by phone at this toll-free number: (888) 280-7715. The ISBN is 1420835688.

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