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Directed by Sophie Miller>

My Father's Shadow

Christiansburg, VA( - My Father's Shadow by Constance Beasley Teele reaches deep down into your soul when you are going through life at the best and at the worst

. The book talks about love, heartbreak, drugs, cancer, and religion - just to name a few. It may even take you down memory lane to remember the people you have encountered through life. The names may be different, but the people? This is reality either from the author or someone she has met in life.

For the first time ever, this book of poetry will take you there. Author Constance Beasley Teele was single for 39 years with two sons (Andra and Eric Beasley). She survived by writing her poetry for stress relief. Her talents were inherited from the late Shirley A. Beasley Jr. (her Father).

Teele chose to honor her father in a special section featuring his works. Readers will surely be compelled to laugh, cry, and even say mmmmm....

Constance Beasley Teele
Many wonder Why Me? , but My Father's Shadow reveals that its not about us - It's life The book was released on the anniversary of her father's death with the help of Teele's family and her husband, who helped design a unique cover, the shadow representing her father. The sunglasses were worn by her father all his life and later after losing his sight from glaucoma.

The author feels although his sight and life have been received in heaven, his legacy is now revealed throughout the world; Poetic reality brought to you from one generation to another.

The book is available online at and

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