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Civil Brand
CivilBrand Starring LisaRaye

February 13,2011
Frances Sherpherd(LisaRaye McCoy),has been sent to the "pen for killing her abusive husband.

After being abused, violated and persecuted by the prison warden,the women from the cellblock rise up and revolt against the injustices of the penitentiary and the "new plantation" workplace that harvests human labor for big-time profit.

Nothing will stop Frances and her fellow inmates in this brutal battle for justice.


Frances LisaRaye McCoy
Nikki N'Bushe Wright
Aisha Tichina Arnold
Wet Monica Calhoun
Cervantes Mc Lyte
DeeseClifton Powell
Tom Nelson Reed McCants
Michael Mos Def
Lil Mama Lark Voorhies


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