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The Online Dating Journal

The Online Dating Journal - By Anita P. Miller The Online Dating Journal is the necessary accessory for online dating!

The Necessary Accessory to Finding Love on the Internet!

New Book Revolutionizes Online Dating

In this increasingly technology-based world, forming relationships over the Internet has become commonplace. But keeping track of those you meet online can be difficult. Let The Online Dating Journal be your ultimate guide to organizing your dating life.

While there are many books about relationships, no other book on the market compares to The Online Dating Journal. Author Anita P. Miller offers this solution to one of the biggest challenges of online dating Ė keeping track of who youíve met, talked to, emailed, exchanged photos with and, most important, who you likedÖand didnít like! Miller, the founder of Dating by Design, a dating event and consulting firm, uses her expertise to help you manage dates and communication in your life.

Filled with hilarious anecdotes of Millerís own dating experiences, The Online Dating Journal explains how to track members and potential mates that you meet online in easy-to-understand terms. Helpful worksheets detail the steps you need to achieve dating success. Quickly identify potential mates with Millerís innovative tracking system and record pertinent personal data.

Millerís systematic approach to maintaining organization in the different online dating groups proves invaluable in your search for love. Whether you want to block an unwanted contact or remember someone special, Millerís unique guide is the only tool youíll need.

With forty million people registered at online dating Web sites, looking for love on the Internet continues to be a fast growing phenomenon. Keep your online dates fresh and exciting with Millerís great date ideas and never be bored again! Men and women looking for love in cyberspace will benefit from The Online Dating Journal, as they try to take online dating to the next level!

The Online Dating Journal
By Anita P. Miller
ISBN: 0-595-36543-4
Trade paperback, 7.5 x 9.25
Available at www.theonlinedatingjournal.com, www.iUniverse.com, www.amazon.com and www.bn.com

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