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Blind Trust
A Sequel to Betrayal Of The Trust

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When Laura set to bring down Phhiladelphia's most prominent-and most corrupt-families,she wasn't sure she'd survive.But now she's ready to enjoy the fruits of her victory-millions in the bank,a sumptuous villa in the Cayman Islands,and a steamy new romance with detective James Carter,who is ready to make her his wife.

However,fate deals a harsh blow as natural disaster devastates her new-found paradise and James goes AWOL.The loss of her home,her man,and something even more precious has Laura reeling.

It seems her adversaries have started taking their revenge-and they'll do worse if given half the chance.

When her cousin's car explodes in a Center City parking lot and her uncle is implicated as the prime suspect in a high -profile murder,Laura knows her past is coming back with a vengeance.

All Rights Reserved copyright by Urbandisc 2005/6245
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